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March 2017 Foxhunt - A Great Saturday

The March 2017 Foxhunt was a great success, with a great turnout and wonderful weather for the hunters.  The group met at the Courthouse Cafe in Carrollton for breakfast before stepping out into the parking lot for a pre-hunt briefing and then taking to the streets.

The only information provided was the frequency the fox was tuned to and that the fox was hidden somewhere within or very close to the perimeter of the Greenbelt loop around the city. 

All participants immediately made way to the top of the nearby parking garage to get an initial bearing on the signal.  However, unlike previous hunts, the signal could not be received there, leaving the hunters to begin a search around the loop. 

Some picked random directions, others made a more methodical grid search, but all participants would end up at the same location, near Carroll Lake, within 30 minutes of each other.

Congratulations to KM4UCV (Brian) and KE4NIA (Nick), the first team to find the fox. They were followed shortly after by Bill (WD4LUQ) and Martha (KB4RCQ), then WX4BK (Brian) and N4BWR (Blake); KM4BYH (Wayne) and his wife located it next, followed by Jason (KV4TE) and Matt (KM4CUA).

This fox required both driving and a short hike down the trail at Lake Carroll to get to the fox.

All the participants stuck around long enough for a post-event group photo at the lake. Many thanks to John (WD8LQT) and Jet/Jed (the big fluffy dog) for hiding and then, along with Roger (KC4NHX) , guarding the fox while the hunters were searching for it. 


A short photo gallery of the event can be found here.


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