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Spring POTA 2024

2024 Spring POTAThe West Georgia Amateur Radio Society held a Parks On The Air (POTA) event at Cheaha Mountain in Cheaha State Park, Alabama on Saturday, April 20th, 2024 in conjunction with "Support Your Parks" weekend. Participants experienced unusually cool temperatures for late April, brought on by a cold front and accompanied by some early morning light rain, and fog.

Despite the less than ideal start to the day the group enjoyed a day of operating, fellowship, and as is usually the case, food, prepared by Chef Playford (WD8LQT).

John (WD8LQT), Scott (KK4Z), Joshua (KK4DMV), Curtis (KJ4SAD), and Kory (W4RZ) operated from about 10AM until 3PM Eastern time, with a break for lunch.

Most contacts were in the continental US, but Scott (KK4Z) managed several international contacts, including South American and Europe, on 10 meters.

WGARS usually holds at least two POTA events a year in addition to Summer and Winter Field day activities, which usually also take place at a park or other public place, but usually using commercial power or generators.

POTA is an amateur radio activity where operators setup their equipment at a park, usually operating low power referred to as QRP) and attempt to make contacts around the country and around the world with operators who scan the bands looking for POTA operators.

For another take on the event, take a look at kK4Z's article



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