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WGARS Testing

Testing 1st Saturdays @ 10:00AM, by appointment.
Please contact us at least two days prior to testing date.
Contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone ‪(470) 868-0968‬.


When & Where
The West Georgia Volunteer Examiner Team will be available by appointment only (Just call or email). We administer Technician, General, and Extra class FCC license exams on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00AM, normally at the Villa Rica Public Library on Hwy 61 in Villa Rica. The testing fee will be $15 (Please bring exact change if possible); additionally the FCC has introduced a $35 processing fee for new (Technician) licensees. The $35 processing fee will be paid directly to the FCC online via an email the FCC sends you when they receive our Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam form.

What to bring
(1) Legal ID (such as a driver's license, passport, or state I.D.) OR any two of the following:
  Non-photo ID/driver's license (some states still have them);
  Social Security Card;
  Birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal);
  Minor's work permit school report card, school ID card or library card; 
  Utility bill,
  Bank statement
  Other business correspondence that specifically names the person;
  Postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it appears on the Form 605.
(2) $15 cash, exact change if possible.
(3) Your FCC Registration Number.
  If you are already licensed it will be on your license.
  If you are testing for the first time, get yours HERE.
  NOTE: Your FRN is used at the testing session, Don't use your Social Security # at the testing session.
(4) Email Address. The FCC now requires an email address to complete the licensing process.
(5) Existing Licensees bring a copy of your license and/or CSCE.
Reading Glasses if you ever use them.  The test booklet color and smallish text may challenge those who use glasses.

After Your Test
(1)• We will submit your paperwork to the ARRL, which will then confirm our provided information and submit your application to the FCC. This process can take two weeks or more.
(2)• New (Technician) Licensees: you will receive an email from the FCC providing information regarding how to pay them their licensing fee. Within a day after paying the fee you should receive an email with your license. If you do not receive the email you may visit wireless.fcc.gov/uls and search for your FRN. If a license has been issued you will see it there.
(3)• If after two weeks you haven't received an email from the FCC, you can check your account with them at https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/userLogin.do , login, click "Manage existing FRNs", then click on "ULS Pay Fees", then select your FRN from the pull-down and click "Continue To Pay". if they have processed your application you can pay from there.
(4)• If after 18 days you have not received an email from the FCC and nothing shows up on your account from the above step, then contact us and we'll follow-up for you.
(5)• NOTE: The $35 fee applies to people receiving their Technician Class license OR renewing their license. General and Extra Class Upgrades do not require the $35 fee to be paid.


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